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Broadmoor Florist Since 1935

Hope blooms eternal in a heart that dares to dream.
And when determination blossoms, that dream can
become a reality.

In the first years after the Great Depression, starting a new business was more difficult that
ever before. And if you were a woman, it was all but impossible. But in 1935, driven by a dream
to touch lives through the message of flowers, Sara P. Vickers purchased Carmichael’s Flower
Shop, located at 340 Ockley Drive. She had studied interior design and worked at other flower
shops, but just months after joining the staff at Carmichael’s, she purchased it. And, because
she saw the value of associating its location with that rapidly-growing section of Shreveport,
she changed the name to Broadmoor Floral Shop.

Always a visionary, Mrs. Vickers raised her own Easter lilies, poinsettias and bedding
plants for use in her shop. She specialized in usual and creative arrangements, appealing
to a younger customer. Her loyal clientele included students at Byrd High School and both
Dodd and Centenary Colleges. And, proudly, many of them, and their families, still call on
Broadmoor for their floral needs, even those who live in exotic places across the globe.

As her business grew, so did her need for more room. So, in 1939, Mrs. Vickers moved her
shop to a new location directly on Youree Drive, and she and her family lived in an apartment
upstairs over the shop. But the need for more services to her customers drew her attention.
And in 1945,Mrs. Vickers turned the flower shop over to other family members and began
her new career as a caterer, specializing in weddings and special events.

Yet, the love of floral design tugged at her heart, so after eleven years away from the flower
shop, Mrs. Vickers returned to Broadmoor to assist her son, Sam Tully, in operating the business.
Sam, merely 22 years old at the time, had grown up in the floral business and was an exceptional designer in his own right. Together, for the next 21 years, mother and son significantly expanded
the flower shop’s sales and physical facilities.

But, all good things must, at some time, come to an end. In 1977, more than 40 years after its
founding, Sam sold Broadmoor to Mary Dark. Mary, a valued employee, had come to Broadmoor
after working at shops in Coushatta, Baton Rouge and Durham, NC. Mary shortened the name
to Broadmoor Florist, and for the next twenty years, continued the shops tradition of personal
service with creative and trend-setting designs.

In 1998, the keys to Broadmoor Florist changed hands again, this time to Mike Evans, a native
of Converse, LA. With a BS in Accounting and an MBA from LSU-Shreveport, Mike came into the
flower business in a most non-traditional way. He had worked in the accounting department at
Highland Hospital and at SWEPCO before deciding to pursue his first love, flowers.

From an early age, Mike can recall cutting and arranging flowers from his beloved grandmother’s
garden, and it is was that God-given talent that drew him to immerse himself into the flower business. The tradition of fine personal service and creative designs continued to flourish under his guidance,
and in 2006, Mike moved the shop across the street on Youree Drive to become the cornerstone
of Broadmoor Shopping Center.

Today, after 76 years, Broadmoor Florist continues to be one of the premier floral shops in the
South, with customers around the world. With an eye on the cutting edge of floral design, Mike
and his multi-talented staff continue to create designs that others have yet to imagine.


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