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Want your flowers to stay beautiful and vibrant forever?
When you press a flower its essence becomes everlasting, along with its memories.
It’s not expensive or difficult; in fact it’s quite simple. Buying a flower press is not necessary - you can get the same results by using easily obtainable and inexpensive materials.

I do not suggest putting your flower directly in between the pages of a heavy book because your flower may spoil or get lost. Instead I recommend two firm wooden boards, preferably heavy 3-ply wood.

  1. Position and secure the flower to your liking between the two boards.
  2. Gather heavy materials to place on top of the boards. You can use a stack of books, bricks, or any heavy object. Be sure to distribute the weight as evenly as possible.  
  3. The drying process may take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on humidity and the size of the flower. The dried flower is ready when it has completely dried out and flattened.  

Now that you have a beautifully preserved flower, keep in mind that it will now be thin and fragile, so you must handle with care. Laminating your flowers can help protect them.

Pressed flowers are great for seasonal decorations, gifts, cards, book marks, and the list goes on.  Flowers can be a fantastic medium to work with. You can even get creative by arranging the flowers together when they are pressed, leaving you with a beautiful array of colors.  When a flower is pressed, its color and beauty will be preserved, so get started and see what you can create.



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